Legion of Honor Gallery 12 Retro Styled Shoot

This is the other magical portion of our Legion of Honor Styled Shoot. Gallery 12 is amazing to say the least.  The ancient art, marble and clean lines give the perfect blend of both modern and vintage feels.  The style to this gallery is extremely relevant and on trend for the direction events are headed.  I highly suggest checking out this gallery for your wedding or event if you're a trendy bride who loves history and art (sooooo.... everyone? Right?).

I wanted to embrace a retro/mod look to embrace the contemporary and vintage textures and aesthetic from Gallery 12.  Blueprint Studios had the perfect pieces for this shoot that completely encapsulated everything in my head.  The lighting was perfect and just everything turned out fantastic. LOVED this shoot and all involved.  Hope you like everything!

Planning, Design, Floral Design & Coordination: Something Blue // Venue: Legion of Honor, SF // Photographers: Natasha Gillett and Sweetness & Light // Videographers: Stand Up FilmsCinema Butterfly // Hair Stylist: Fox and Doll // Make up Artist: Miabel Artistry // Bridal Gowns: Novella Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way // Jewelry: Elle-Meme //  Shoes, Purses and Hair Accessories: Perfect Details // Dining and Furniture Rentals: Blueprint Studios // Lighting: Impact SF // Models: Kendra, Harmony & Tanya

Legion of Honor Watercolor Styled Shoot

So...a little while ago, err a big while ago,  I had the opportunity to plan, curate, style and coordinate this amazing shoot at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco! One cool thing about this (besides everything about it) is that this is the very first styled shoot to take place at this incredible venue.  If you are not familiar with this place, the Legion of Honor Museum is one of the most prominent landmarks in San Francisco, a true place to visit if you ever go to the city.  It displays a collection spanning more than 6,000 years of ancient and European art, contains amazing casts such as The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, and many other works by Rembrandt, El Greco, Monet and so many others.  Truly an incredible place for art, and an equally special venue for a wedding or event.  I cannot recommend this venue more!  

So, on to the inspiration behind this shoot!  We actually had TWO shoots this day, I'm just showing you the Watercolor shoot right now which took place on the Patio outside the Cafe.  This insanely gorgeous patio is not used much (don't know why...??!) so we really wanted to showcase it.  When I did the first walk through with Fay of LOH and Natasha Gillett, the lead photographer on this project, I saw these beautiful vines on the stone wall, and the Barbro Osher sculpture, I was inspired for an artistic watercolor-inspired shoot with a touch of vintage, but still wanted to keep it contemporary.  With the help of the most amazing vendors of San Francisco and the bay area, along with the incredible talents of these photographers and videographers, these are a few of my favorite shots of what we created together.  Enjoy! 

Planning, Design & Coordination: Something Blue // Venue: Legion of Honor, SF // Photographers: Natasha Gillett and Sweetness & Light // Videographers: Stand Up Films, Cinema Butterfly // Hair Stylist: Carisa Bisagno // Make up Artist: Teresa Reynolds Beauty // Bridal Gowns: Novella Bridal, Jinza Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way // Cake: Ma Petite Maison // Jewelry: Elle-Meme // Capes: Dorothea Couture // Shoes, Purses and Hair Accessories: Perfect Details // Florist: LC Floral Design // Dining and Furniture Rentals: Forever Vintage Rentals // Menus, Invitation Suite & Paper Flags: Dea & Bean // Harpist: Constance Koo // Lighting: Impact SF // Models: Jacqueline, Morgan, Courtney, Melissa & Nicole // 

Sweetness & Light Photography

Sweetness & Light Photography

Happy January!

           January is my favorite month of the year. I love the cold weather, it holds my wedding anniversary (6 years now!), my youngest baby’s birth (almost 1 year old!), many family members’ birthdays, and a new year begins.  Before becoming a mom, New Year’s Eve parties were my favorite! I don’t really get those anymore; babies don’t care about the New Year and I for sure as hell am not keeping them up ‘til midnight to watch no silly ball drop.   I can barely keep my own eyes open past 10. 

            Unlike gung-ho new year’s revolutionists, I don’t care too much about the reflection, setting new goals, or getting at all emotional about another year past (except when it comes to my birthday and the direct correlation that has with another year past, that definitely makes me cry).  I think my attachment to the holiday (well, entire month) is much more shallow honestly.  I like the parties, excuse to drink wine, the pretty lights, the fashion, the Golden Globes, my yearly escape with my husband away from my precious children, the business that pours in for work (keep up those Christmas engagements people!) and it’s still off-season for me so I can slowly come out of hibernation and prepare for my life to get nuts.

            I have had many conversations with Alex (the spouse) and too many personal thoughts about how to plan my year out, how to go about tackling this new normal of full-time work and business ownership and balancing it with motherhood and marriage (this time with all my brain cells).  Thank God I have such a strong support system.  Not just family and friends, but I seriously have no bigger cheerleader than my husband.  When I am doubting my abilities or get discouraged or stuck, he jumps in and shakes me (figuratively) telling me every possible affirming word, making me believe in myself again.  Seriously ladies, get a man like that. Wise words of Woody from Toy Story, “If you don’t have one, get one!” (I only have quotes from Disney movies in my inspirational quote arsenal, sorry).

            So I get at least one, many times up to 3 aspiring coordinators per week asking me to intern for my company.  I’m too busy (or maybe just not nice enough) to respond to all of them with a “sorry not now” email.  I know what they’re going through, I went through it too when I decided this is what I wanted to do.  I sent out my tiny resume reflecting a 21-year-old’s brief experience corporate work, but extensive background in coaching cheerleading *eye roll*, in to every planning agency in northern California without so much as a “we aren’t hiring” email back.  Back then, I was determined to do this job and that’s when I said screw the world, I’m doing this by myself then! I wouldn’t say that’s the best plan of attack for everyone aspiring for the job of their choice, but it worked out for me.  That’s kind of how I’ve always done things in my life; jumped in to things head first regardless of experience or prep with an attitude of “I’ll figure it all out along the way”.  Again, not advising anyone to do anything with that attitude, but I digress.  

            Just one girl’s experience, if you have something you want to do, the time to dedicate to it, the drive to do your research and wear every hat in business, the brains and the social skills—BIGGEST aspect of what got me here by the way, then DO IT! It really is the hardest thing I have ever done (after parenting), so you have to really love your field if you’re going to go this route. 

            Anyways, just my two cents and coffee shop thoughts as I think of how many friends I have that would be amazing business owners but just need to take that leap.  More wedding talk and pretty pictures coming soon.  Just gearing up my head for the insanity that is about kick in my door, wedding season is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited! Happy Monday people! 


Photography by Photoflood Studio

A New Start

It's been a whopping TWO years since my last blog. So, I thought I would get personal on here since I'm doing a little restart of Something Blue, my first baby and the most neglected one since I started having human ones 3 years ago.  So yes, I'm a mom. And all the roles that go with that... I'm sure you've seen the memes--chef, maid, nurse, etcetera.  It's no exaggeration for my non-parent readers.  I know, I thought before kids, that I for sure would be able to balance my work, social life, clean house, and well rounded angel children.  Well none of that is true, FYI.  You just survive. Especially when you decide to try to be the sole caregiver for your kids and work full time. That is all too true for me. I founded, manage, finance, design, coordinate and communicate everything for this brand.  Yes, I'm driven and resourceful. But also possibly verifiably insane. I am writing this to inform you of what to expect when you tackle a dream while simultaneously starting a family. 


Like I've always done everything in my life, I took on way too many roles thinking I can do it all and do it all well. Let's just say, when weddings were my only job, I did well. All my energy and focus went into building it from nothing, and researching how to improve processes.  I jumped into the wedding industry with nothing but a few friends' weddings under my belt, lots of college education but no degree, the internet as my resource and my determination as my guide.  I developed my style and went for it. I did wonderfully as a newcomer, learned quickly, performed well, and produced beautiful work.   


When I got pregnant with numero uno bebe, things got harder (no energy, pregnancy problems as well), and I started noticing a decline in my ability to communicate effectively. I started to dread opening emails from clients and vendors, and I didn't know why. Nothing was wrong with what was happening, no quarrels or problems, just straight up anxiety of even seeing the number of emails piling in, and voicemails stacking up. I didn't know what the heck was wrong with me, but being me, couldn't stop-couldn't slow down-couldn't afford to do either-had to keep going and push through it.  


After my wonderful little boy Jude arrived, things got even harder (you think??). I only "took off" a mere two weeks before bringing a long my husband and newborn to Tahoe and working a wedding.  And I just kept going from there, working weddings almost every weekend from that August through November. And December brought my second pregnancy, which led to my daughter Sawyer being born the following September--barely 13 months after my son was born, and she was born 5 weeks early with some problems that required weekly physical and occupational therapy sessions during her first year. And I didn't bother to slow down. I actually grew my business even more. 


I felt that I had come too far, that to slow down would mean to quit and throw away all my hard work. And in my defense if that sounds silly to you, it's very difficult to lighten your current load in the wedding industry. Your clients don't take breaks, your weddings coming up have been clients for over a year and it would be just mean and irresponsible to bail on them. So not only was I afraid to slow down, I felt trapped. How could I tell my clients "I'm sorry I need a maternity leave??, "you'll have to figure it out", or "I'll find you a different coordinator and pray they make you a priority so last minute and do as wonderful a job as I would, and then pay them what you paid me since that would be only fair".  And that adds up to a lot of money to pay all at once, money that I counted on to take care of my family and business.   So I opted for not doing any of those things.  Not easy, folks.


When Sawyer was about 6 months old, I suddenly started to feel a little more like myself and realized that all this anxiety and failure in my work was due to PostPartum Depression, or PPD. I hadn't realized it after I had Jude,  I got pregnant right away and the hormones never balanced out, I just stayed crazy. For another year. And by the time I really started to embrace that this is what I've been dealing with and now I can recover and do better, I was pregnant again. AGAIN. I haven't even mentioned the terrible things I endure while I am pregnant (aside from the fact that pregnancy sucks in general, even when you don't have issues).  So there I was, almost as instantly as I realized I was feeling better, I was already back in this weird cloud that I couldn't even recognize as PPD when I was in it. Even though I KNEW I was, I couldn't get a grip with my present rational self enough to tell myself even a simple "this isn't you, this is PPD, you'll be fine, just breathe and read your damn emails". I couldn't even do that much. So again, back to failing at work, back to hating the mother I was--being distracted by the work I felt I was putting all of myself into but knew the presentation was half-assed when compared to what I really do. I was dealing with work and upset clients at home, managing a jealous toddler, a special needs baby, a stressful home we were remodeling that was in a constant state of construction, while I was pregnant with postpartum depression. 


So NOW is when I slowed down. I stopped taking clients, discontinued all advertising, cancelled my marketing and networking events, only kept the handful of leftover clients I had before I made the decision and put most of them under management of my last standing coordinator.  I finally took the hint and simplified my life. Best thing I ever did. 


I had our last baby, little girl Daphne. We moved from our custom house we were nearly finished with (another story) to a simpler home, lower cost of living area, hardly any work on my plate--just my family. And now almost 9 months postpartum (the longest period I have gone without being pregnant since before we started our family), I feel completely myself. No anxiety. After 4 years of postpartum anxiety and depression, I feel free of all the side effects and am so excited for all the fun aspects of my job that I get to enjoy again.  The challenges that I am naturally talented at taking on and doing well at.  I am back to working for the brand I created after over a year's break, and am itching to prove myself to myself that I started this company for a reason, well multiple reasons. 1. To offer something different to engaged couples: a service that comes with a friend, a designer, a manager, a shoulder and ear, and helping hand. 2. To provide for my family. 3. Be a bigger part of my community.  


SO.... readers, friends, family, clients and fellow wedding professionals, I'll take any and all prayers you offer up in my name!  Xoxo, Jennifer 


All images by Whittaker Portraits.

Mary & Jake are Married! Oak Farm Vineyards, Lodi, California Wedding

Mary is quite possibly the sweetest bride I have ever worked with.  Seriously beautiful inside and out!  We were instant friends and helping her design her wedding was so fun for me.  Her style is so sweet and dainty and I adored her colors.  I got to do all the chalkboard art and design everything - I loved it all!  I got to spend a lot of time with her and her mom working on projects for the big day, and to see the looks on their faces when they got to see everything just made my heart so happy!  Please enjoy the lovely photos of 2 extremely good looking people, some adorable craftiness, insanely beautiful flowers and an amazing venue!

And thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped make this day happen!

Wedding Planning, Coordination, Event Design, Chalkboard Art and Vintage Lounge Furniture: Something Blue  / Photography: Kori & Jared / Venue: Oak Farm Vineyards / Catering: B&T Catering / Florist: Embellish Floral / Photobooth : Platinum Photobooth / Videography : Rumble Cinematography / DJ: Sounds in Motion



Gold Winter Forest Wedding Inspiration Photoshoot at The Gallaty Residence in Bend, Oregon

   I am so excited to finally get this pretty inspiration shoot blogged!  One of our awesome coordinators, Meredith, did her first inspiration shoot and it came out so lovely-so proud of her!  Here is what she has to say!      

    My move to Bend, Oregon in the winter got me inspired to do this photo shoot. There was snow on the ground and it was cold enough to see your breath, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for a winter forest wedding inspiration shoot. I happened to meet this very kind lady, Robbin Gallaty, a week after moving to Bend. Just so happens that both her kids had gotten married this past summer and had their wedding receptions at their property. I saw this property and instantly fell in love and thought it would be the perfect place for this photo shoot. So I started gathering different decor that I thought would go well with this shoot.  I decided to try something a little different and incorporated pinecones and some gold accents to add a little flare. I wanted to keep with the ‘natural’ and ‘rustic’ look so the beautiful rustic table was a perfect centerpiece. Because Bend is such a mountain town I loved all the twigs and pines that are everywhere you look. 

    Josselyn Peterson Photography was the photographer that I chose to go with because all of her work is so naturally beautiful. She is a very talented photographer and is so great at working with the couple. She has the ability to transform simple pictures into elegant portraits. Josselyn is very fun, easy going, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who truly cares about capturing the essence and emotion of any wedding day.

    For the bride and grooms attire I decided to stick with the theme of winter warmth. The dress was a fabulous find. It was perfect with the lace long sleeves and fuller skirt. The fur jacket that the bride was wearing was a funky extra touch along with the floral headpiece that accentuated her eyes and make up. I decided to do the brides hair and make up are meant to portray the more natural look with hints of gold to keep with the theme. I love that the bride and groom are wearing matching winter boots. The groom was in more casual attire but still tied into the theme by the boutonniere correlating with the headpiece and bouquet. Creating the bouquet was a fun task to be able to do something a little unique by using pine, twig, pinecones, and other different florals. The table set up was a blast finding little detailed pieces to tie together the overall look. I used feathers as the place card holders and a piece of cardboard for the table number that was in the cork of one of the wine bottles. I loved getting the chance to get really artsy with all the table decor. Overall I had a wonderful time with this photo shoot and I hope you all enjoy!

Kari & Blake are Married! Vintage Wine Country Wedding, Napa, California

I loved getting to know Kari and Blake.  Something I noticed right away about Kari specifically is how much she smiled!  She is such a joyful person and she and Blake are so evidently happy together.  I had the privilege of planning and designing their wedding completely and had so much fun doing it. Her flowers turned out to be one of my favorites of 2014 and I am so thrilled with these beautiful pictures by J Koe Photo!  And the venue was my absolute favorite of all time.  Believe it or not, this incredible place is their friends’ vacation home in the heart of Napa.  With their own private custom-designed estate on a hill overlooking a valley of vineyards for the weekend, Kari and Blake’s wedding was just breath-taking and one for the history books.  It was truly magical to be a part of!  Enjoy the pictures here and find all the photos in the Gallery under K&B! :) 


Planning, Event & Floral Design, Coordination, Chalkboard Art and Vintage Rentals: Something Blue

Photography: J Koe Photo

Event Rentals: Wine Country Party

Catering: Maverick’s BBQ

Venue: Private Estate in Napa, California


Jasmine & Matthew are Married! Simple Classic Wedding, Crooked Vine Winery, Livermore, California

Jasmine and Matthew are such sweet people, I had such a lovely experience getting to know them.  Their day was so perfect and so full of love and happy!  I am just filled with joy to share their wedding photos with you :)  Thank you Claire Mulkey for the stunning photos!  To see more photos from their beautiful day, you can check them out in our Portfolio under J&M! 


Planning, Design and Coordination: Something Blue / Photography: Claire Mulkey Photography 

Florist: Green Snapdragon / Venue: Crooked Vine Winery / Catering: Aurora Catering

DJ: DJ Quantum / Cake: Carolyn Wong Cakes / Hair & Makeup: Beauty By Lia

Event Rentals: Stuart Rentals


Amanda & Matt are Married! Country Garden Backyard Wedding, San Martin, California

Amanda has been my dear friend for many years.  We went to church together in high school and were roommates for a year in “college” haha.  Meaning, when we were roomies, we rarely went to class.  We usually opted out for our usual routine of sleeping in, drinking tea, snacking on peanut butter and honey toast while listening to Missy Higgins and reading on our teeny tiny patio with our very short-lived flower garden.  

Very few people share my weird sense of humor and actually think I’m funny--she is one of those special souls.  So needless to say when she met Matt, I was SO hoping he would propose someday!  His laugh is famous, that alone needed to stick around and keep us all entertained.  When he popped the question in Hawaii (yeah, ok Mr. Perfect) I giggled and cried I was so happy for her! I was even happier when she asked me to help with her wedding and on top of that be a bridesmaid.  

We started with trying to find a venue, and when she told me what she was thinking she wanted,  I immediately thought of my grandparents’ country home in San Martin.  Only my mother has gotten married there before, so I had to run it by Grandma and Grandpa about having over 200 people stampede their perfect property.  When Grandma said “Anything for Amanda”, it was set for October 5!  A whopping 3 months to plan a backyard wedding, so we got to planning right quick.  And this is what we came up with. :)

And I just have to say that this was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding!  Once things started rolling and I got to finally be a guest after the all the set up and have Kandis take over, I got to enjoy Matt’s very own home brews and dancing with all my high school and college friends.  It was such a treat to see so many of my favorite people from my teenage years!  

To see more photos from this beautiful wedding, check out the gallery A&M in our portfolio!


Enjoy the inspirational photography from my dear friends Sam and Christina Whittaker with Whittaker Portraits.  Thanks to them, this beautiful wedding is soon to be featured on Style Me Pretty! :) 

All planning, coordination, event design, floral design, vintage rentals, and chalkboard art is by me here at Something Blue! 


DJ: Ultimate Sounds DJ / Cake and Desserts: Mitra’s Bakery / Photographer: Whittaker Portraits

Catering: Bride’s Family! (They’re thinking about going into business-which they should because they were amazing!) / Venue: My grandparent’s home (not a real venue, sorry ladies!)

Jill & Clayton are Married! Country Rustic Wedding, Moraga, California

Our lovely and talented coordinator Jessica had the privilege of working with these beauties!  Here is her blog about her experience with them!


When I first met Jill at a local coffee shop in Walnut Creek it was like meeting an old friend to discuss wedding details. I loved hearing all about her fireman, country-loving fiancé Clayton, details of their incredible mountaintop proposal and how their wedding was going to take place at Clayton's family's cattle ranch in Moraga. Clayton and Jill's wedding was definitely the perfect country-chic wedding and every aspect represented them as a couple. I am absolutely honored to have helped create such a beautiful event for two loving and incredible people! Congrats Jill and Clayton you two are a dynamic duo! 


Photography: Drozian Photoworks  / DJ: Magic Entertainment / Catering: Green Lantern Catering / Rentals: Big 4 Party Rentals / Venue: Family Residence in Moraga, CA / Planning, Coordination, Floral & Event Design: Something Blue  

Lindsay and Aaron are Married! Classic Elegant San Francisco Wedding, Intercontinental-SF, California

So excited to FINALLY blog this wedding!  Lindsay and Aaron are some of the prettiest people to ever get married....  Everything about this day was perfect and stunning.  The venue, Intercontinental SF, is incredible. And these photos are impressive.  Thank you Todd Parsons for the beautiful photos-your work is inspiring!  Congratulations Aaron and Lindsay-you two are wonderful people and we are so so happy for you!


Wedding Planning and Coordination: Something Blue / Venue: Intercontinental SF / Photography: Todd Parsons / Flowers: Passion Flowers by Adriana / Stationery: The Bride!

Alex & Yuri are Married! Classic Vintage Wedding, Sonoma, California

I am oh so thrilled to be posting this blog!  Alex and Yuri were one of my favorite clients this season.  SUCH cool people.  I miss working with them! 

Their wedding turned out incredible... It was a perfect sunny day in Sonoma, all of their family and friends from around the world came to celebrate, and all the right vendors banded together and made this wedding amazing.  We had an amazing time being such a big part of their special day and I am personally over the moon that these two wonderful people are married! Congratulations Alex and Yuri, you were both utterly beautiful and handsome on your wedding day. 


Thank you Whittaker Portraits for the amazing photography of our work and this perfect day. 

Planning, Coordination, Floral Design, Vintage Furniture and Decor, Chalkboard Art: Something Blue

Venue: Cornerstone Gardens / Caterer: Sage Catering / Pies: Three Babes Bakeshop / DJ: Sound in Motion / Event Rentals: Wine Country Party / Vintage Furniture: Milk Glass Vintage Rentals    

Lisa & Jason are Married! Rustic Backyard Wedding, Sunnyvale, California

I am so happy to blog this wedding!  Lisa & Jason are such sweet people, and downright GORGEOUS to boot!  Our lovely coordinator Kandis worked with them for almost a year planning and designing this sweet backyard wedding (Lisa and Jason’s backyard! And is it amazing or what?!).  A sweet note, aside from all the pretty details and beautiful summer flowers, is that the band is Lisa’s son’s band, and they rocked the night away.  So much fun and such a memorable day.  Congratulations Lisa & Jason! 

And thank you Whittaker Portraits for the amazing photography! 

Kara & Max are Married! ~ Stanford Memorial Cathedral & Quadrus Conference Center, Palo Alto, California Wedding

These two cuties got married back in April!  Max and Kara are two of the sweetest people we have ever worked with.  I talked a lot about them in their engagement blog here. Enjoy the photos from their gorgeous wedding :)  Thank you Jeffrey Kuo for the lovely pictures!

Ceremony Venue: Stanford Memorial Church / Reception Venue: Quadrus Conference Center

Photography: Jeffrey Kuo

Tina & Brian are Married! ~ St. Jarlath’s Cathedral & Kaiser Rooftop Gardens, Oakland, California Wedding

Oh my word, are these photos amazing or what??  What a stellar job from Stephanie Secrest, these are legendary!  Tina & Brian are such a special couple.  Brian is a marine and Tina is his biggest supporter.  I met them over a year ago at a bridal fair, and ever since, we have been planning and designing this incredible wedding together.  Every meeting we had together was so much fun and I am going to miss seeing Tina and her sweet mama Diann all the time!  We have become so close and it’s weird that it’s all over.  But now we have some incredible memories and pretty photos to show for it.  Enjoy!


Special thanks to the following vendors for making this day happen:

Wedding Planning, Coordination, Event and Floral Design: Something Blue Wedding Planning & Design / Photography: Stephanie Secrest / Rentals and Event Design: Suite Treatments / Reception Venue: Kaiser Rooftop Gardens / Catering: Cafe Soleil / Ceremony / Venue: St. Jarlath’s Cathedral / Hotel: Claremont

Aurore & Guillaume are Married! ~ Beach Elopement, Sutro Baths & Cliff House, San Francisco, California

These beautiful people eloped to California from France!  I had such a wonderful time planning and designing this wedding with Aurore.  I immediately loved her style and vision.  I was so happy when she told me she wanted a flower head wreath!  Not many people can pull that off but she looked stunning!

I loved the intimacy of the ceremony, just the bride, her groom, his best friend, and the bride’s brother.  Everything was just perfect :)  Enjoy these stunning photos by Whittaker Portraits!


Wedding Planning, Coordination and Floral Design: Something Blue / Photography: Whittaker Portraits / Make-up & Hair:  / Ceremony Venue: Sutro Baths / Reception Venue: The Cliff House Restaurant

Linda & Eric are Married! - Classic DIY Wedding - Diablo Grande Golf Course - Patterson, California

So excited for these two!  I met Linda and Eric over a year ago at my very first bridal fair.  We connected right away and planned their lovely DIY Classic  wedding with vintage touches.  Linda & Eric just graduated from Saint Mary’s and are starting their life together, so happy for them!  Whittaker Portraits photographed their wedding and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Enjoy the photos!! 

Wedding Planning, Coordination and Floral Design: Something Blue / Photography: Whittaker Portraits / Venue: Diablo Grande Golf Course / Cakes: Kara’s Cupcakes