Golden Garden Wedding Inspiration Photoshoot ~ Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill, California Wedding Styling & Photography

I have been a little obsessed with gold lately, I'll admit.  I know it's a trend and I may be following it a little too closely, but I LOVE it!  Before I get carried away, I must say the events leading up to the people and the design of this shoot are nothing short of divine.  So, I am just going to start from the beginning.  

I received a happy email from Luke and Bre, a cute little married couple with 1985Luke Photography, asking if I was interested in working with them.  Since off-season had just begun, and the fact that I love styled shoots and admire their work, of course I suggested an inspiration shoot to kick off our relationship!  As we started talking about what to do and where, I proposed some place in Morgan Hill; a location near where I grew up but hadn't worked in before.  Turns out, Bre grew up there too and is friends with a dear old friend of mine, small world!   

Anyways, I picked Guglielmo Winery, a gorgeous little gem amidst what has always seemed a less than ordinary small town to me.  I was thrilled to find such beauty near my old home.  Guglielmo has so many textures and amazing industrial pieces that make for pretty fantastic backgrounds for photography.  There is a beautiful vaulted wood covered stage overlooking a huge deep green lawn, lush foliage and rows of perfectly fall-affected grapevines.  Definitely a great place for dinner.  Next to the lawn are stunning mission-style buildings surrounding a brick-lain courtyard, an amazing setting for cocktail hour.

OKAY, the design!  Like I said earlier, my gold craze played a part.  I spray-painted some wine bottles on my front lawn and accidentally got some leaves... they looked so fun, I just made them all gold!  The can of spray paint was $10, a pretty cheap investment for name placements! 

The invitation suite I ordered for this shoot didn't end up making it in time to be a part of this, so I ripped out a page from my journal and designed my own, also practically free.  You can make your own invites if you are on a budget!  Do not be afraid to do it.  It was not difficult and if all you need is something simple, here's an idea.

Check out those unique plant container thingies!  There is no real name for them, but you know what I'm talking about.  I purchased these from Anthropologie for the sake of time, but I looked them over and these could be a DIY project.  You would have to be a little more crafty and handy than the average Jane, but this is doable!  An old lantern, bottle, anything with potential can be turned into a home for air plants.  I really liked incorporating them with the gold and greenery.  Even alone, they make a pretty cool and unique centerpiece.  

As for the florals, greenery is generally way less expensive than flowers.  If you like foliage, leaves and things, are on a tight budget,  and maybe even want to do your own flowers for your wedding, greenery is cheap and easy to work with.  

What about my lovely models?!  Dang, I got hot friends.  Aubrey has been a dear friend of mine for years.  I have known her since she was in kindergarten!  Isn't she just stunning?  Aubrey has always reminded me of a porcelain doll :) She really is the sweetest person in the world too and I was happy! happy! happy! when she said yes to modeling as a bride with a guy she has never met before!  Trooper.  And Stefan, what a cutie.  He is so stinking good-looking, it's almost ridiculous.  He can sing like Chris Brown and has just the best personality.  He has been friends withone of my best friends for years and I was elated when he said yes to doing this project. Stud!

Oh and that gorgeous lace sweet-heart neckline gown is from the lovely boutique, Gabrielles' Bridal Atelier in Campbell, California.

Please enjoy these wonderful photos by 1985Luke Photography!