Kara & Max ~ About to tie the Knot!

I have so so enjoyed getting to know this couple.  Max is so gentle and attentive to Kara, and she just seems to ooze with adoration for him.  They sneak in sweet little kisses during our meetings! - yes I see you two, seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! 

I have been waiting to post their adorable love story until now, as they are about to seal the deal on April 27th at Stanford Memorial Church.  What. A. Magical. Place. To. Get. Married.  The detail of the cathedral is so incredible.  I cannot wait to see it all happen!  Their sweet and simple reception will follow at the Quadrus Conference Center, I practically drooled over the beauty of the back deck with the lit up tree in the center.  Pictures of the event soon to follow, of course!  

Until, then read the cute little love story shared in Kara & Max’s own words :)


“Max missed his initial two opportunities to meet Kara, first when they were students together at Stanford, and later when she taught at a summer camp with his brother, Jacob. Despite fate’s clear effort to put Max and Kara in the same geographic and social proximity, they never crossed paths. Luckily, destiny was persistent, and Max finally met Kara when she applied for a job at the game company where he worked.

Some people get to know their husbands or wives in high school. For Max and Kara this phase actually happened as they wrote stories for the game Surviving High School. Little did they know that even as they spun their tales and played matchmaker for dozens of fictional teens at Twin Branches High, they were forming a match of their own.

Over the next two years, a working relationship evolved into a friendship, and when Max left the company, he finally mustered up the courage to ask Kara out on a date. It wasn’t too long before Max was spending more evenings visiting her down in Los Altos than he spent at his own apartment up in the city. Before long, he made his inevitable move down to the Peninsula.

After two years of dating, Max took Kara to celebrate their anniversary up in San Francisco. All day, Max seemed strangely nervous, making strange demands like don’t look in the glove compartment! Kara would later claim she was suspicious that something was up.

As night fell, the couple climbed Corona Heights, the spot where they’d shared their first kiss. Tonight, though, Max followed up the kiss by dropping to a knee and pulling out an engagement ring. Kara promptly said yes and then insisted they run out of the park before hooligans jumped her and stole her new favorite possession.”