Shayna & Alex ~ Engagement Photography & Styling, Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, California

So excited for this couple!  Shayna & Alex are getting Married November 2 this year, what sweet and genuine people!  They asked our dear friends at Whittaker Portraits to photograph their engagement.  This elated me since Sam and Christina Whittaker are my absolute favorite photographers to work with--their work is beautiful!  

Whenever I hear about military couples, my heart just goes out to them.  Such bravery on both sides.  With Alex gone for months and months, Shayna stays strong and waits for him while finishing school and planing their wedding (which is going to be amazing!).

We are so excited to be working with them!  Please enjoy the pictures from their cute picnic in the beautiful Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, and from Shayna's parents' beautiful home.  Their little dogs were just too cute, we had to stick them in there too!  They cracked us all up, what little characters!  Please check out Whittaker Portraits to see more of their inspiring photography!